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Valor & Virtue Martial Arts Academy LLC

Develop Character, Ensure Survival, Forge Success

Our Mission

To educate and empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, attributes, and abilities necessary for self-preservation and success in the world today.

Dedicated to enhancing our students

We educate and train the future 1st responders--the future heroes--of our community. Our students grow up with the discipline, focus, drive, character and skills to succeed in fields, where life and death hangs in the balance of success. In other career paths, our students thrive and excel because of the attributes and knowledge they have gained through their training with us.

Martial arts instruction in Marana

There is no other program that provides the diversity--and intensity--in training and education than the Valor & Virtue Martial Arts Academy LLC dojo. Our students’ health, happiness, and safety is not our hobby, nor is it our convenience. It is our professional obligation to ensure that each and every one of our students (and their parents) is under no illusions about what martial arts training entails. This is not a sport, nor is it a pastime. When one’s life is on the line, it will be the quality of training one has received--and the discomfort endured--that will be their lifeline to survival.

We train hard, and our rigorous physical fitness regimen is at the base of our program. Fitness is essential to day-to-day effectiveness and combat readiness. The Valor & Virtue Martial Arts Academy LLC considers physical fitness an indispensable aspect of leadership, and the habits of self-discipline required to gain and maintain a high level of physical fitness are inherent to our way of life, and must be a part of the character of every student.

Threats on our students’ health, happiness, and safety are serious. We train seriously because we are serious about our students’ future, and we take our commitment seriously.

This is why we require serious commitment, and our enrollment process is thorough and lengthy. Learn more about our enrollment process HERE.